Our Guiding Principle

Motives, Values, Identity


We live, think and act as a team.

We practice appreciation as an inner attitude of respect and attentiveness that goes beyond courtesy, politeness and friendliness. We celebrate success together. We go through ups and downs together. We support each other, and value the strengths of each individual as well as the contribution that each team player makes. Positive feedback and constructive criticism strengthen our team and create an atmosphere that brings out the best in performance. We know: none of us is as good as we all are together!


Our solutions are tailor-made and practical.

We are a spin-off from the private sector. That is why practical orientation is deeply rooted in our DNA. Our aspiration is to pass on this knowledge from generation to generation. That is why our employees are very familiar with operational processes, requirements and preferences within companies, and this is reflected in our solutions. We offer strong solutions that can be easily integrated into corporate processes.


We provide global support with the utmost competence and experience.

Our ICON Service Lines with all their in-house specialists and country experts as well as our exclusive membership in WTS Global guarantee the ultimate in support and security for cross-border business.


Flexibility is at the forefront of our thoughts and actions.

Our employees are extremely flexible in order to ensure that our clients’ assignments are completed on time. We offer many variable working time models and actively support career planning and work/life balance. Whether it is due to studies, parenthood or preferences based on other life circumstances: we experience flexibility as a benefit for both employers and employees.


We are dynamic, young and fresh and constantly question the status quo.

The knowledge and competence of experienced employees fuse with the new ways of thinking of younger colleagues to create a lively mindset that produces the best individual solutions. Ongoing development and training are of great importance to us with regard to each and every employee. We not only closely monitor tax developments, but also keep track of any other trends that might be relevant for our clients. This gives us an edge as well as security for a successful future without unpleasant surprises.