Be right for sure.


​​​​​​​The desire for tax honesty and the resulting legal certainty go hand in hand less and less. This is because increasingly complex, often multinationally interwoven and unprejudiced legal and procedural regulations are leading to more and more lengthy tax audits and appeal proceedings.

ICON's experts in financial criminal law offer clients the comforting certainty of being advised and represented with the highest level of competence. So that "being right" becomes "getting right".

In order to meet the legitimate desire for legal certainty, risk prevention and competent representation in the event of a dispute, the ICON experts of the "Tax Controversy" service line stand by their clients with all their expertise and years of experience. In the area of conflict between the entrepreneurial necessity of tax optimization and the simultaneous avoidance of criminal financial risks, a team of consultants is required that recognizes (also international) contexts, thinks ahead and is highly networked. The experts of the ICON Service Line "Tax Controversy" analyze possible risks, advise you on risk avoidance and develop solutions together with you that are legally sustainable. In the event of a case, your ICON specialists give you the security of knowing that you will be represented in the best possible way, even in contentious issues or in criminal tax proceedings.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ICON Services

  • Advice on avoiding financial criminal law risks
  • Financial criminal law (Consulting and representation at courts and financial crime authorities)
  • Assistance with and implementation of self-reporting
  • Representaton in disputed tax proceedings (appeals)
  • Tax procedural law
  • Information notices / rulings
  • Representation in disputes in the context of tax audits (appeals)​​​​​​​